iPad with Reitna display

Apple iPad mini comes with Retina display Comparing with the last keynote speech that Apple has gave, apple seems got more applause now from this time. Aside from ipad mini, they also launch 13″with Retina display Macbook pro and the new generation...

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iPhone4 is BETTER than the iPhone5 Spec? Huh?

Why iPhone4 is Better Than The iPhone5? It’s more than 2 weeks that the iPhone 5 had release, yet there are still a lot of confusion about how it is better than iPhone4. Why iPhone4 is better than the iPhone5? Beats us on that! Just watch the video below...

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Apple VS. Samsung

Tall trees catch much wind: Samsung’s mocking at apple Samsung’s style is very different from Apple, Samsung keep launching various outlook of smartphones to cater every end user’s demand. On the other hand, Apple launch one and only smart...

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